Beginners Guide Colorado River Rafting in Moab

Rafting can be one of the most exhilarating things to do in Moab. The Colorado River provides a wide variety of rapids for all skills levels. Whether you’re new rafting or a skilled water navigator, the Colorado River through Moab is a great way to get outdoors.

Hire a Professional Rafting Guide
Are you new to rafting in Moab? Jumping to a raft can be intimidating. We do not recommend buying your own raft and navigating the waters solo for your first time. The river is unpredictable and you may have trouble moving your raft through the rapids. We recommend a trusted professional. Luckily, Moab has quite a few options for rafting outfitters such as Adrift Adventures.

Identifying Rapid Classes
When you book your Moab rafting trip, rapid class is a very important factor to consider. Below is chart that shows the different classes of rapids. If you’re brand new to rafting, we highly recommend signing up for a Class 1 rapid trip to ensure you’re comfortable on the water. 

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Pack the Correct Gear and Water
Stacy from Adrift Adventures provides a few tips on planning your next rafting trip. Like any outdoor activity you want to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may have to throw at you. With Moab's desert climate, weather can range anywhere from unexpected flash floods to 100 plus degrees sweltering sunny days. No matter the temperature, or weather, it is always a good idea to drink plenty of water. While on the river, be sure that you are always wearing a correctly classed life jacket, or Personal Floatation Device (PFD). The river may look calm in an area, but don't be deceived, just because it looks calm doesn't mean that there isn't a swift moving current underneath the surface. River eddies are also something to watch out for that can be deceiving, especially to those unfamiliar with the river.

Use Sun Protection 
Traveling in the desert means it’s  always a good idea to wear plenty of sun protection: sun screen, sun glasses, a hat, even a long sleeve shirt and pants could save you from having to deal with a painful sunburn. Since there is little cloud cover in and around Moab in the spring and rafting on the water can further increase your chances of accumulating a sunburn.

Most rafting guides offer full or half day trips. It’s great to get back from your trip to nice warm bed and a great meal. Hotel Moab Downtown is located in the heart of downtown Moab near great restaurants and bars. To learn more about different room options, click here to make a reservation.

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