Mill Creek Parkway Trail - August Staff Pick by America

My favorite spot in Moab is the Mill Creek Parkway trail that is located next to the Hotel Moab Downtwon.   Every time I'm having a bad day I go to this trail and walk it before the sun comes up and sit somewhere nice and quiet and watch as the sun slowly starts to change the colors of the sky... from a dark blue to a purple turning it into my favorite, a lilacs sky that then turns as orange and red as the sand and rocks around you...
If you're patient and quiet enough you can see as the world starts to wake up... The birds start to fly across the skyand slowly the cars can be heard in the distance and everything is alright again the world is spinning and everything passes... And I will be alright, everything will be alright.  I've done this as long as I can remember! I recommend this if you want something beautifully simple and peaceful.

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