Moonflower Canyon - January Staff Pick by Toby

My name is Toby and I have worked at the Pancake Haus at Hotel Moab for about 37!  I've lived in Moab all my life and wanted to tell you about one of my favorite spots, Moonflower Canyon.  It is named for the great number of Moonflower plants in the area.  These were once used in Native American ceremonies as a hallucinogen but definitely are not anymore because they are very toxic, so look but don't taste.

It has 8 walk-in campsites so is a great place to camp, but even if you want to stop by just for a visit and to have a picnic lunch it is nice, too.  For camping, it's great because there is lots of shade from huge cottonwood trees so is cooler than the rest of the desert.  There are restrooms there and a dumpster so besides the great location it is also really convenient.

If you are in Moab and would like to see some petroglyphs, this is a great place to go because they are very close to the entrance to the canyon so you don't have to go on a long hike just to see what you want.  They are behind the split rail fence.  Also near these petroglyphs you will see a crack in the rock and inside has been built a ladder which is similar to what Native Americans used to build to be able to climb up to higher places.  It is fun going up but can be pretty scary to come down so be very careful.

To get to Moonflower Canyon, head south on Main Street from downtown and take a right just before the McDonalds, which is Kane Creek Road.  You'll go just a little over 3 miles and Moonflower Canyon will be on your left, so a very easy drive to a beautiful place.  The rest of Kane Creek is beautiful, too, but this is a very easy a peaceful spot to get to.

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