• Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Scenic Byway 128 - June Staff Pick by Bianca

Hi my name is Bianca. I'm from the Philippines and this is my first time in the US. I've only been here in Moab for two months now and I'm gonna say that this place is incredible. This place is a holy grail for adventurous people because there are a lot of things to do like hiking, camping sight seeing, river rafting and so on. The first place that I visited was Ken's lake and it was amazing and drove on hwy 128 which goes along the Colorado River and I must say it has a picture perfect scenery. The rock formations all along the winding road along the Colorado River are breath taking and it's even better when the sun sets and there is also a bike trail so you can go biking.  This place is also amazing for camping with your friends or family. We went to some area called Sandy Beach.  If you plan to visit Moab ,Utah then you have to put Hwy 128 on your list!

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