Jeep ATV Off Road - September Staff Pick by Chris

I came to Moab two years ago from China.  Before I came I know nothing about Moab. But I really love here after I get to know about Moab. Just haven of adventure. 

So my Favorite adventure is doing off road here. Just Amazing experience! I believe people who likes to do off road must know about "Hell's revenge" trail which is really popular and famous. I have done over 5 times in that trail and once in the night. It will take you about 3 hours to complete finish it and length about 6.5miles. There are four spots are very challenged!  "Hell's gate" "Hot Tubs"" Escalator" "Tip over challenge". The "Hell's Gate" is the most difficult spot. So many rollover happen there and I've seen once in front of me. That was a UTV. Good thing was no people got hurt.  Most jeep rental companies are not allowed their jeeps to be there if u rent. 

All of those reasons above that you will know its pretty excited and real adventure. Hope you will enjoy that one day!

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