The Top Moab Activities for Winter

What’s the first thing you think of when you like Utah desert? I bet most would say “hot” and dry. Moab is known for very hot temperatures in the summer. However, what most people don’t know is that Moab is a great place to visit in the winter. Why? Moab’s average temperature in the winter is 43 degrees and has an average monthly snowfall of about an inch. And the great is, there are limited crowds in the winter time. Below we’ve covered some of our favorite activities: 

Backcountry Skiing in the La Sal Mountains

No matter where you are in Moab, you can look up and see the giant Le Sal Mountain range. They provide an awesome contrast to Moab’s light brown color with snowcapped mountains bring great cross country skiing. For skiers of all skill levels, you can easily avoid crowds and spend hours skiing fresh powder. Consider starting on Corkscrew Glades, which starts at 9,000 feet and is approximately 2 miles to the top.

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Sledding in the La Sal Moutains

Head up to La Sal Mountains, find a clearing and off you go for a fun way to spend a day in the snow.

Snowbiking the Porcupine Rim

Moab is world renown for biking. The size of tire doesn’t matter in Moab. The latest trend in biking today is snow biking or also called “fat biking”.

The fat bike tires are significantly wider than traditional tires and offer a more stability in snowy and sandy conditions. This bike style is fantastic for the Moab trails, like Porcupine Rim. Most bike riders find a shuttle to the top and ride to the bottom with a range of 9-16 miles. It’s a great way to take in the sights and is very popular with the locals. 

Hiking Arches National Park

Moab is an absolute mecca for hikers of all ages, even in the winter. The small snow amounts set up great hiking conditions with limited crowds. If it does snow, the daytime mild temperatures melt the snow quickly, but make sure to wear rubber soled shoes to prevent slipping on wet or icy rock along the way. Arches breathtaking red rocks are a photographer’s paradise, even if you only have a smartphone.


Warm Up with Us

After a long day on the trail, it’s great to stop and get a nice warm meal downtown. Our affordable rooms are cozy and easily accessible to all of the great restaurants in downtown Moab. Click here to learn more about our room options

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