The Quick Guide to Packing for Your Moab Vacation

No matter if it’s your first hundredth vacation, packing efficiently is of the utmostimportance to ensure you have a great trip. Packing for your Moab vacation a bit
different than lets say - the beach. The desert is a harsh place and requires a specialpacking list. We’ll break down the must haves when packing for desert vacation. 
There’s a reason we listed sunscreen as the first item. The ultraviolet rays are
significantly higher in the desert than other places in the United States. Even in thewinter, always apply sunscreen. It’s not uncommon for people in Moab to get a sunburnin January. So lather up!
Hiking Shoes
Moab is located between two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks which areabsolute hiking meccas. Be sure to pack a great pair of hiking shoes. Shoes with a sticky soul
are great for Moab’s slick and rocky trails. A comfortable insole is also important for long hikes.
When you try on your shoes, make sure they fit with no pressure points. Pressure points caneasily cause blisters and make your hike a painful one.
Water is essential for daily life, especially in the desert. Dehydration can happen quickly in thedesert and most hiking trails around Moab are very remote, which makes requesting for help achallenge. Consider packing a water bottle or a hydration pack with you along your hike.  
Rain Jacket
Packing a rain jacket may seem strange in the desert. However, afternoon thunderstorms arevery common in the spring and summer. When packing for you vacation to Moab, a rain jacketis critical. The rain storms are short, but can leave you absolutely soaked and susceptible tohypothermia and can dampen your chance of a good time.

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